Well done Chrissy!

26 December 2011

A very difficult day passed really well as Chrissy arrived at the Rond Point with a smile on her face, and that set the tone making it possible for the rest of us to keep it together. The sun was shining and we all had a lovely ski without coming across any other people. Chrissy skied with Thomas this morning and along with Andreas’ team of Bill and Ann, they all ‘skinned’ up Mont Roup and had some great skiing. Meanwhile, Chris, JM and I all headed up to the Fornet, which has been ravaged by the wind, so Chris and I dove over the Col immediately. We skied smooth winded snow for the most part but we didn’t get any of the soft snow of a few days back as the wind had changed conditions drastically. JM was in the neighbourhood and I think he skied the Vallonnet with his team of Mike A, Peter C, and Jean Jacques.

I’ll keep the update short as I need to get ready to go down to Lyon to pick up the girls. Today’s photos are up on my link as Jean is still under the weather. Thank you to Margaret and Penny for a wonderful meal last night, a truly amazing effort and much appreciated by all.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and cone on you Hammers!

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