Time to walk!

27 December 2011

I’ll do just a quick update as there’s a lot on. I had a great trip last night to Lyon for the girls as Easy Jet was 25-minutes early and the roads were clear. This morning we had a cracking good ski as Thomas and Andreas ‘skinned’ up to the Glacier Suspendu and had fantastic snow back into the Sache, while Chris took the Ross family to Mont Roup. My team skied the Little Lavachet for the first time in two years followed by a Sache towards the Sachette Couloir. We then ‘skinned’ for ten-minutes to access some lovely snow in the meadows. This afternoon Gill and I took Millie and Katie for their first ski of the season and in 20-minutes I’m meeting Andreas to do the Torchlight Descent, and Kristina is visiting from Sweden so she’ll be joining us. Then it’s off to Peter and Clare’s for a drinks party, which Millie and Katie are really looking forward to, and by then it will be time for bed. (I forgot my camera today and Jean is still out of action so there won’t be any new photos tonight)

Another sunny day is forecast for tomorrow before 10 to 20cm’s of snow is expected on Thursday. With the wind and today’s heat there isn’t going to be that much good snow left so a little top up will be welcome. Stay tuned for a longer update tomorrow.

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