First time for 30-years!

29 December 2011

It wasn’t very inspiring looking out the window this morning as the sky was grey and it had just started to snow, which meant no visibility and not enough fresh snow to improve the conditions. Basically, it was a potential ‘stinker’, but the boys came through with a pretty good morning. Andreas, Thomas and I started off with the Little Lavachet, which was really good, and even better down below in the trees. It was interesting getting there through a fog but once on the slope it was great skiing followed by a 15-minute ‘skin’ back out. From there we went over the first Col into the Sache and again had better-than-bargained-for snow. We arrived in a real white-out towards the bottom and I missed the path out and decided to continue down through the canyon instead of climbing back out. The last time I was down there was almost 30-years ago with my brother Dennis and it turned out to be a fun and interesting trip. It was a great last morning for Michael who finished 16-days of wonderful skiing. Well done Michael! Chris and JM were also in action and I know JM skied the Sache and Familial but I’m not too sure what JC skied.

We are expecting anything from 40cm’s to a metre of fresh snow over the weekend so I’d better get out on the terrace and finish clearing the last storm’s worth of snow. Thanks Ray!

Jean was back skiing this morning so today’s photos will be on his link. A demain.

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