What fantastic ambience!

30 December 2011

Wow! What incredibly wild weather we were subjected to this morning! In all my years here the conditions at the top of Bellevarde had to rank in the top three for the worst winds ever faced. It was absolutely ferocious and made even standing still very difficult. I almost lost Jean and Ray at the top and Peter and Clare were separated from Andreas and had quite an adventure getting themselves down. I really quite enjoyed it as one doesn’t experience weather like that very often and once we got down to the tree-line the skiing was outstanding. Unfortunately by the time we arrived at the bottom they’d closed La Daille, which wasn’t a surprise. Andreas and I bussed our teams to the Gourmandine for a coffee before Andreas headed up to the Fornet cable car, which was the only lift operating, and my team decided to call it a short but rewarding morning. Henry and JM continued for awhile and I’m not too sure how Thomas and Chris fared.

I returned home to spend a couple of hours with the girls and Ray working on the Fairy Snow Castle and Bobsled run on the terrace. We’ve shifted an incredible amount of snow over the last couple of days and we’re expecting up to another 50cm’s over the next 24-hours. (Photos on link)

If anyone has anything in my cave that they want to keep please let me know as it’s full and we’re about to clean it out. Good gear that I know the owner of is fine but things I’m unsure of risk getting binned! (For example, an old pair of Volkl P 10’s)

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