Happy New Year to you all!

31 December 2011

The wind died down today compared to yesterday’s violent gusts and another 40cm’s of fresh snow fell overnight. The Funival opened quite quickly and we profited with an excellent first run top-to-bottom, although the snow was much heavier than yesterday and it was really quite hard work for the most part. Andreas and I both spotted fracture lines in the trees around the bottom of La Daille on fairly gentle slopes, which meant anything steeper, even in the trees was dodgy. The avalanche risk was 4 moving to 5/5 as the day progressed so it wasn’t a morning for trying to be clever and we skied deep snow on piste or just off the sides. Chris gave Julia a ‘skier of the morning’ award in his group while Thomas’ team of Will, Harry, Liz, Mary, Per, and Geoff were also doing the business. Well done to you all! Unfortunately Ray lost a ski two hundred metres from the bottom of the Face du Bellevarde on the last run of the morning and we won’t be seeing it again until the summer. Bummer!

It snowed all day and a cold night would be welcome to dry out the snow a little to make the skiing easier tomorrow. We may see some sun in the morning before a big snowfall on Monday followed by another on Thursday.

Sports Report- West Ham blew another chance to move level with Southampton at the top of the table as they lost 2-1 away to Derby. That will teach me for having a little dig at Jeremy about the Saints 1-0 loss last night. And I just checked the Premiership scores to find Man U lost to Blackburn at Old Trafford. Ouch! The City boys will be licking their chops over that one.

PS. And a mention to Bill and Ann K who yesterday finished a great week with Andreas.

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