Happy Birthday Clare!

01 January 2012

First off I’d like to thank Penny for another brilliant New Year’s Drinks Party last night. It was a lovely evening and I’ve posted a few photos. Thanks Penny!

It cleared up a little this morning and as the day progressed it became brighter and brighter, which after a couple of difficult days was well appreciated. The snow was much lighter compared to yesterday and everyone had a great morning. We all headed up to the Fornet and after a bit of a delay they opened the Pyramid poma and the Glacier, both of which offered excellent skiing. The snow wasn’t perfect and much of it was ‘skiers’ snow, but everyone skied well and after the tough conditions no one was complaining. Thomas opened up the Combe du Signal from the chair and we had three lovely runs there before going up to the Glacier where Chris and I were first into the Combe 3300. We all did the 3300 twice and finished up a terrific morning just after 1PM. Jean R and John did the over-70’s proud this morning as they both skied incredibly well and really enjoyed themselves. Bravo boys! And Rory C came along today to ski with his Mum Clare on her birthday and young Rory slotted into the group beautifully. Well done Rory and Happy Birthday Clare!

There was some good lunching going on this afternoon as Jeremy, Jerry and Chrissy went to the L’Arolay, Andreas ate at the Fruitiere, and Ray and I were taken to the Billabong Burger Bar by Gill, Millie, and Katie. What a way to finish a fantastic morning!

We continued work on the terrace after lunch and our Bobsled track now boasts a corner and the trench-work resembles Vimy Ridge. Ray, Gill and I are now shagged! (Can I use that word?)

Sun is forecast for the morning so no one is going to complain about that!

PS Clare had a better birthday today than Sir Alex did yesterday!

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