What a tough lower section!

02 January 2012

At 6:30AM those who were up were teased by clear skies and the thought of a bright sunny day. By 8 o’clock it was still clear towards the Fornet but already darkening Tignes-way, so the team decided to head to the Fornet and take advantage of the day’s best visibility. Most of us skied variations in the Combe du Signal for a good opener before heading up and over the Col Pers. By this time it was starting to snow lightly and the last of the light was disappearing but we had good visibility all the way to the bottom with the ‘light bulb’ doing its best in the distance. The entrance is interesting to say the least, but it is passable without being dangerous. The snow up top was good enough and the middle section was excellent, but from the Grand Torsai down it was ‘educational’ (and I mean educational) and it became a ‘travelling safely in the mountains’ experience. It’s a shame really because no one was over the Col yesterday and if the snow was kinder we would have had a brilliant ski as there wasn’t a track to be seen. C’est la vie! Anyway, it was nice being out there and it was a good outing.

Henry came up to the Glacier but skied the Pays Desert, which had the last of the sun and Thomas had a boarder along and needed gravity-fed slopes so he headed towards the Cugnai. Haven’t heard from the boys but I’m sure they enjoy a good morning.

It has snowed since around 10:30AM and at times it’s been coming down quite hard. At 3:20PM it shows no sign of stopping so hopefully the sun forecast for tomorrow will materialize and we could be in for a good one. Fingers crossed!

Millie and Katie had a fantastic ski with Gill, Kiera and their friend Anna this morning, and Katie picked up today’s ‘skier of the morning’ award. No bias there then and bravo Katie!

Sports Report- Sunderland’s last minute winner against Man City will have salvaged Sir Alex’s weekend birthday celebrations. Seems no one really wants the title at the moment and it is up for grabs when six weeks ago Man City looked like a safe-ish bet. Brilliant!

PS And what a brilliant afternoon for the Hammers with both Southampton and Boro losing 3-0 while we won 1-0. Bliss!

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