Way to go Millie!

03 January 2012

We had perfect blue skies this morning and the fresh snow that fell yesterday made a massive difference and everyone profited with a stunning morning of powder skiing. The avalanche risk was set at 4/5 so we all headed up to the Fornet thinking about the gentle Pays Desert to minimise the risk and also to avoid the crowds in Tignes. My team was first into the Combe du Signal from the Pyramid and it was excellent so we skied it twice. As we came around for the third time they opened the Signal Poma and with everyone diving into the Grand Vallon we were first in to the Combe from the top, and we skied that twice as well. Brilliant! It was great to be in there with Chrissy and Jeremy and with the rest of our team of Jerry, Gian, Penny, Jean, and Ray, they really did the business.

After the Combe du Signal we headed up to the Pissaillas Glacier to join Chris, Henry and Andreas and there was some wonderful skiing upstairs as well. The boys had already skied the Combe du 3300, which was fantastic, so I followed Chris’ team into the Pays Desert, which looked fairly winded but in the lee the snow was superb and Chris’ team left perfect ‘Alpine’ tracks. Mark, who was skiing with Chris said it was the best morning’s skiing of his life! Thomas arrived to get in on the action as well as he’d skied the Combe du Signal and the Grand Vallon before coming up to the Glacier. It was a wonderful morning that was savoured as more snow is forecast for tomorrow.

It was Millie and Katie’s first day back to their French school today and Millie was extremely brave and we’re very proud of her. She usually has a wobbly starting back but today she stayed strong and kept herself together. Bravo Millie! (Katie takes it in her stride and has never had a problem going back into the French system.) Hopefully Christian will have had a good day, which will make Stephen and Kaye’s lives much easier.

Sports Report- It was a great day for the Hammers yesterday as they beat Coventry 1-0 while both Southampton and Boro lost 3-0. The win moved us into a tie for first place with the Saints while leap-frogging Boro, but it is really tight at the top. Bummer about Arsenal as no one could take advantage of United and City’s losses over the weekend.

PS Penny survived a horrible crash on piste this morning. She looked like she’d been taken out with an assault rifle and she went down extremely hard. Ray hurried to her rescue and helped dust her off and she was back in action immediately. Nice come back Penny!

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