Totally unexpected!

04 January 2012

I thought we were really in for it this morning when it was blowing at the bus-stop and it was snowing and looking like we were in for extremely flat-light. And when Jean started taking photos at the Rond Point I realized he thought it was going to be his best option for photos. Chris and I bussed around to the Funival and they opened it as we arrived and although it was blowing a gale at the summit, it was nothing compared to last week. My team started with a top-to-bottom form the Funival on piste with a nice cushion of fresh snow on top. From there we skied off the Verte and arrived for two runs on Bonnevie’s drag. At this point it was clearing up and instead of no skiing because of weather we’d already had some great turns and the visibility was improving drastically. After Bonnevie’s we had a lovely run under Mont Blanc then skied another off the edge of Bonnevie’s en-route to a superb run off the Fontaine Froide. The chair was closed so we continued down the Epaule du Charvet, which was excellent and definitely provided the adventure for the morning as there was a lot of snow to deal with. We then came back up and skied the Familial to finish off a very unexpectedly good morning.

Henry and Andreas headed up to the Fornet and skied around the Mattis trees and the Pyramid and they too had a great morning. (Thomas skied around Bellevarde and the Grand Pre.)

I skied this afternoon with Iain and Murray (pals of David B) and we had a fantastic afternoon and endured some huge winds in the process. Andreas phoned to say they were shutting things down on La Daille because of wind so we headed up Solaise instead, and what a blessing that turned out to be. We skied one in the Mattis before battling the wind to get back to ski a very good Super L. We then went up to the Fornet and I was thinking of a Combe du Signal from the Pyramid, but the Signal Poma was open so we skied the Grand Vallon to the bottom. Again the wind was really blowing and the transported snow covered all the tracks leaving us to ski wind rolls of soft compressed snow with wonderful ambience. Wow, it was good fun! Andreas was up at the Fornet as well this afternoon with Peter B’s team but we didn’t cross paths. Anyway, a day that looked quite dismal turned out to be a cracker and thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Isadora who is the daughter of ‘Alpine’ co-founder Gilles Green, skied her first off-piste yesterday afternoon with Chris up in the Pays Desert and she skied brilliantly. Bravo Isadora !

And thanks to Geoff and Inga for a fantastic meal last night. Great food, brilliant music and stunning wine as usual! And thank you Ray for babysitting and to Stephen and Kaye for taking the girls swimming this afternoon>

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