Another wonderful morning in tough conditions!

05 January 2012

The wind of yesterday afternoon certainly rearranged things and after a clear night the weather moved back in and it started snowing around 7AM. With wind transported snow, added to a few centimetres of new snow it was just enough to make for a great morning of skiing, even with flat light and a pretty punchy wind at altitude. Everyone headed up the Olympique, which opened on time, and my team did a top-to-bottom on piste with a nice cushion of fresh snow and we perhaps only stopped once. With warm legs we then skied off the Verte before heading down off-piste the Fontaine Froide. From there we skied the Grand Pre poma twice in great snow before skiing the Grand Pre chair twice. We had the place to ourselves and it was excellent skiing but we thought we’d better get back up the Fontaine Froide before the lift closed so we arrived to ski Bonnevie’s Drag twice, then under Mont Blanc followed by two off the Triffolet to finish another surprisingly good morning. Chris, Thomas, Henry and Andreas all skied around Bellevarde and had some brilliant skiing around the Triffolet area. (Gill unfortunately missed her first off-piste of the season as Millie threw a wobbly and needed help getting to school, but she skied with Kaye, Stephen and Dom on piste)

Derrick picked up the ‘splat du jour’ award with a beauty early on, but fortunately he was fine and didn’t miss a beat. Chris has had a new client James B join us over the last few days and he’s slotted in well and is really enjoying himself, and Sue D and her nephew Aidan are also skiing well and having a great time. It’s nice to see Wynne back while Penny left yesterday and Red Ray bussed out this morning. Gill and I missed him on the terrace this afternoon and thanks for your help with the girls Ray!

The snow has intensified during the day and 50cm’s are forecast. Hopefully it will all calm down a little so that we can get in another brilliant ski tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS I must say Tilly was amazing as she skied all morning in the howling wind and snow with just her seeing-eye glasses as her goggles were useless. And she never complained once. Bravo Tilly!

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