What a fabulous couple of runs!

06 January 2012

Yesterday afternoon and last night was some of the wildest weather I’ve ever encountered. The wind speed was measured at 200kph on the top of Bellevarde and all the bars were shut down at 9PM for fear of drunks dying in the streets. Wow! Needless to say the opening today was almost non-existent and it was a pretty frustrating day. I first met my group at 11 o’clock and we waited around until 11:45, then we met again at 1:30 and most decided to call it a day. Tilly, Murray and Iain decided they wanted to ‘skin’ up so we climbed up to the Triffolet and skied a lovely run down through the tree leaving great ‘Alpine’ tracks behind. Just when we were about to call it a day the Etroits chair started turning and at 3:35 we had our first lift of the day. It was absolutely brilliant as we skied compressed snow and we flew down top-to-bottom. We went back up and crossed the bridge and had first tracks down the Triffolet to the bottom, and it was excellent. When I left Tilly, Murray and Iain they were giving themselves high-fives and heading off to Tilly’s for a cup of tea. Andreas and Henry were there as well and both were right behind us going into the Triffolet.
After all that waiting it turned out to be a very satisfying finish!

Thanks to Dom and Stephen for digging out the terrace for Gill and the girls this morning. Bravo boys! (Must go as we’re going up to Derrick’s for an early dinner)

PS Millie was fantastic as school yesterday and was complimented by her teacher for her handwriting, reading and maths. Well done Millie!

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