We made the most of limited options!

07 January 2012

It was wonderful to have the sun shining this morning and everyone was raring to go. We bussed around to the Funival and got underway on time but unfortunately the rest of the lift system was very slow in opening leaving us with very few options. The skiing was brilliant however and we did our best to make the most of the conditions, skiing a mix of creamy soufflé and some pitches of nice powder in protected gullies and on the lee-side. We warmed-up off the Verte and had some lovely strips and had a great run down the Triffolet to the bottom. When it became evident that Tommeuses wasn’t going to open Thomas and I cut into the Familial from the Mont Blanc chair and had a superb run in the Familial before cutting high into the trees at the bottom. We then skied the Fontaine Froide, the Grand Pre and the Epaule du Charvet to finish. It clouded over around noon and it’s trying to snow so hopefully we’ll get some fresh snow for the morning. Jean was back in action so there will be some skiing photos on his link. (The avalanche risk was 4/5 again today.)

I’d like to thank Marcella and Derrick for a fantastic meal last night, and Millie and Katie really enjoyed themselves as well. Unfortunately the rest of our group complained that Derrick and I smelled of Thai curry. Sorry folks but it was worth it!

PS When skiing L’epaule we spotted a load of skiers and boarders bombing down the Banane all at the same time. They were all over the place and some of them tripped up in the huge ‘stretch’ marks, or fracture lines where the snow is creeping away from the snow above. At the bottom they turned out to be a team of Russians without a beep or backpack among them. Incredible really!

Sports Report- Michael R will be looking forward to the American Football Playoffs, which kick-off this weekend. He’s a Pat’s fan while I love my Steelers and admit to a soft-spot for the New Orleans Saints.

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