Twenty centimetres fell last night

09 December 2007

Twenty centimetres fell last night without too much wind and it looked as if the resort would open on time and we’d be away. Wrong! At about 8:30AM the wind picked up and we didn’t get started until 9:50, but we did have another very good day. The snow was a little humid and in places slightly compacted by the wind, but with the best start in ten years who’s complaining? It’s fantastic that the regular early-season crew including John and Margaret, Jean R, and Clive, who always come out at the beginning of each season are being rewarded with wonderful winter conditions. Red Ray, Adrian, and Richard H brave mid-December’s year after year, and we now have a good base for them as well. Jean Marc and Olivier arrived today as they start with the Ski Club tomorrow, and Chris and Suzanne are warming up before Chris gets going on Tuesday. Didn’t here the latest forecast as I was watching West Ham at Clive’s, but we should get more snow again tonight.

Sports Report- I must say how pleased I am with the start to the Hammers season as well as the shape that the squad is taking. We’re putting in some solid performances and a 1-0 away win against Blackburn was a superb result, especially as the boys have some tough fixtures coming up. Equally pleased will be all you Man U supporters who gained ground as both Arsenal and Liverpool lost for the first time this season. Stocky will have enjoyed Boro’s win over Arsenal as they really needed a lift to kick start their season, while the gloom remains over Derby and Wigan.

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