A wonderful first morning!

09 January 2012

After the 200kph winds we had during the storm I thought that whatever wind-damage we had snow-wise was already done, but last night the wind worked over the snow yet again. There was still some great skiing to be had but my little stash off the Motte from yesterday had ‘stiffened’ slightly and turned from brilliant powder to lightly compressed with, as Chrissy said, “ a bit of technique in it”. Anyway, we skied some nice snow warming-up off the Verte followed by some very good snow in the Lower Borsat. (The Borsat has been closed due to bent safety bars, which were damaged by the wind and it finally re-opened this morning) We then headed up the Funicular and skied some good but trickier snow off the Leisse before cutting a trail back to the chairlift. The second time round was excellent and we had some good steep skiing on Wayne’s Shoulder, and the ambience was captured in Jean’s photos. Bravo Jean! We then skied some lovely soufflé off the Cairn with some fantastic pockets of powder in the gullies before heading up the Col des Ves for some good bits and pieces. It was Gill, Stephen and Kaye’s first off-piste morning of the season and it was a cracking good one!

Meanwhile, Henry headed off for the Tour du Charvet and I haven’t had a report, while Andreas and Thomas skied some good snow around the Col du Palet, the Lower Chardonnet, and the Grand Huit, and Chris skied the Sache. The sun was out and everyone enjoyed the visibility and to be able to spread our wings a little as we’ve been hemmed in of late. The sun is forecast for the next few days so it will get tougher as the resort gets tracked out. The Pissaillas took some wind damage as well and we’re not too sure at the moment the state of the Cascade chairlift. Fingers crossed that it won’t be out of action for long! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

Sports Report- My Steelers lost to Denver in over-time yesterday so I’ll be pulling for the New Orleans Saints and their outstanding QB Drew Brees. I’m traditionally an AFC fan but I’m now cheering for the Saints.

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