Alone on Mont Roup!

10 January 2012

It was -9C in the village at 8AM but the sun was shining and we enjoyed a beautiful day with great skiing. I took my team to Mont Roup and we had excellent skiing all the way, starting with the meadows after the Borsat traverse and then Mont Roup itself. I had Jeremy along, who I introduced to ‘skinning’ 8-years ago, and it was nice to see him again. (but don’t leave it so long next time Jeremy!)

Andreas, Thomas, Chris and Henry all headed towards Tignes with thoughts of the Little Lavachet and Sache. Henry was talking about the Super Cocaine and Glattier at the Gourmandine but I’m not too sure what he skied in the end. I’m sure they all skied the Familial on the way home to finish off their morning.

Katie has ski school in the afternoons this week and I saw her on the mountain and got a little “Hi Dad” out of her as she zoomed past. They were having a brilliant time and she has her friend Anna in her group and the two of them are thick as thieves.

Sun is forecast for the rest week so we’ll need to get our ‘sniffers’ going!

PS Great photos again today Jean. Merci!

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