An excellent Crete du Genepy!

11 January 2012

The stunning weather continued again today and with it we all had another great ski. Andreas, Thomas, and Henry skied the meadows from the Borsat en-route to Mont Roup, and they all had an excellent ski. Chris had TJ’s daughter Ailsa along, with Louise from the office, Suzanne and a new client Tim, and they had some nice skiing in the Sache. Meanwhile, my team ‘skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy and Jean again captured the skiing and ambience with his photos. Bien fait Jean! I had a new client named Phil this morning and he slotted in and made some solid progress during the morning, bravo Phil!

This afternoon Thomas skied Mickey’s Ears with some reps while Andreas was heading towards one of the couloirs off the Balme with his mate Alex P, who has returned from New Zealand for a visit. Great ambience all-round there then! Millie wore me out as she and I skied three runs down Solaise and two Manchet’s top-to-bottom. It was really good fun and she’s getting stronger and faster each time out.

Chrissy returns home tomorrow after a fantastic month of powder skiing and she’ll be back near the end of January. And thanks for a lovely dinner last night.

Must go as I’m taking the girls to see the Polo ponies then to the Perdrix for an ice cream while Gill goes out with Suzanne, Laura, Margaret, Dawn, Kaye and Chrissy for a girls drink at the Taverne. Sounds like a good crew!

PS I’ll post some photos later.

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