A wonderful Crete du Genepy!

13 January 2012

It was sneaky-cold today as a brisk northerly wind was blowing, and yet again we have wind trying to work over the snow. Bugger! Anyway, Chris and I headed up to ski the Crete du Genepy with our teams and it was excellent from start to finish. We both skied the first section before putting our skins back on to climb back up for more! Andreas was skiing around the Charvet area before heading up to the Fornet this afternoon, and hopefully the Cascade will open after being shut down for repairs due to the storm. That would give Andreas and the rest of us some needed options as the resort is getting pretty tracked, or winded, or touched by the sun. Bravo to the entire Alpine team for finding such good skiing in fairly tough circumstances. (Thomas and Henry were off today)

Gill and I are taking the girls and their pal Anna to watch the Polo tonight, so that should be good fun. I’m also looking forward to a family ski tomorrow afternoon as I haven’t seen Katie ski for a couple of weeks and Millie is trying out some new skis.

Besides the wind whipping up there is no sign of a change in the weather and for the moment we’ll need to make the best of what we have.

PS Stephen was rather pleased with himself this morning and could be seen pumping his fist and saying, “Yes, Yes, Yes”!

PSS Louise did her first-ever ‘skin’ today as she climbed up the crete du Genepy with Chris’ team and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

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