A good adventurous morning!

14 January 2012

For the first time since the storm I returned to the Fornet to see first-hand the damage and to have a change of scenery. We arrived at the Col and it looked pretty rough but being optimistic gits the team dove straight into the Combe du 3300 and we ‘sniffed’ out some great snow skiing a combination of soufflé doux, soufflé dur and some nice pockets and pitches of lovely soft snow. After the Combe we headed into the Pays Desert, which had a similar mix of snow and was very good skiing as well. Then it was time for an adventure so we headed over the Col Pers, which was interesting to say the least. The entrance was totally bare and isn’t recommended for the faint hearted, but my band of merry men were up for it and we managed to get in. We had soufflé dur at the top, followed by some nice frisset through the middle section, then back to soufflé dur with some softer strips here and there. All in all it was a jolly good morning and our beloved Fornet has taken quite a beating during the last storm where 200kph winds were recorded. The Cascade Chair had de-railed at seven pylons and eight chairs were totally destroyed. On one section of the glacier the only snow left is where the piste bashers had packed the snow down hard enough to withstand the wind. (Check today’s pictures)

Meanwhile Andreas finished an excellent week with the Robertsons, who travelled all the way from Australia and the rest of the boys had the day off.

I had a fantastic afternoon skiing with Gill, Millie, Katie and Laura. I was gobsmacked at the progress Katie has made since I last skied with her. She’s absolutely flying and picked up a ‘skier of the day’ award. Bravo Katie!

I haven’t checked the sports yet but come on you hammers!

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