Biffed by a boarder!

15 January 2012

The sun continues to beat down and besides the fact that some snow would help enormously, everyone is thoroughly enjoying the weather. After ‘skinning’ all last week I thought I’d take it easy today and he Tignes-way and just see where we ended up, and it turned out to be a really good morning. We started in the lower Borsat and skied a shoulder of soft snow before heading up the Funicular, where we skied my shoulder in soufflé doux. On the traverse back to the Leisse chair some lovely snow presented itself so we continued on down the meadows and ‘skinned’ back up for ten-minutes to the chair. We then skied some good steep slopes on the edge of the glacier from the chair as the Motte seems to be under repairs again, and it was so good we skied it again. (Henry arrived and skied the same area but we didn’t see him again after that.) From there we skied off the edge of the Genepy, which wasn’t the best of the morning, but we continued on and ‘skinned’ for fifteen-minutes towards the Borsat West and skied some really nice strips of frisset. The avenues of good snow were narrow so the team needed to keep their tracks close and if you wandered into the plaque you could easily get ‘wish-boned’. We finished off with a cracking good piste cruise and I was hit by a boarder. Fortunately I heard him coming and managed a decent shoulder block to protect myself and gave him an ear-full when we arrived at the Les Tufs chairlift. Jean decided to ride up the chair with him and educate him on the rules of skiing/boarding and I was worried that Jean might get thumped. The boarder warmed to Jean when he found out he wasn’t from Paris and they seemed quite friendly by the top and Jean extracted an apology. Bravo and brave Jean!

This afternoon Gill and I had a fantastic blast with Millie, Katie, their pal Anna and her Mum Kiera, and Doctor Laura. It’s hard work skiing with them now as they can really go and I give Gill a ’skier of the day’ award for keeping up!

PS Andreas had a good ‘skin’ towards the Crete du Genepy with Peter B’s team.

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