Two more days to go!

16 January 2012

With each passing day it gets a little tougher to find soft snow but relief is on the way with snow forecast for Thursday and Friday. Yahoo although this sunny weather hasn’t been too hard to take! I went for a change of pace and skied my first Sachette of the season and we were totally alone and managed to ‘sniff’ out some good skiing. We stayed low on the dreadful traverse then ‘skinned’ to the little Col and left tracks most of the way down before cutting out early as the bottom has been skied to death. Jean needed to get home early so he skied down to La Daille with Margaret and Gill while John E, Richard F, Robert A and I skied the Spatule. It was pretty good with great ambience but it certainly wasn’t a place you’d want to fall. Henry and I spoke about it yesterday because although the avalanche risk is now 1/5 the ‘whipper-factor’ is 4/5 pushing 5/5. (A ‘whipper’ is Henry’s term for a fall on smooth slippery snow on steep slopes where stopping yourself can be a serious problem) If you’ve ever experienced or witnessed a proper ‘whipper’ you know they should be avoided at all costs and knowing the Giles Green ‘self-arrest’ is imperative.

Meanwhile, Chris and Henry ‘skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy and then on to Mont Roup and they had good skiing but Chris says it’s pretty much done and he’s getting ready to do a snow dance! Stay tuned as we’ve two more days to entertain the troops before we hopefully receive a fresh canvas.

Andreas and Thomas had the morning off and Jean managed to get his photos up before heading down to Moutiers this afternoon. Good work Jean!

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