A 'sniff of the morning' award!

17 January 2012

It was -12 in the village at 8AM and although it was fresh in the shade it was warm on the sunny exposures. My team ‘skinned’ up to the Crete du Genepy and while climbing up I ‘sniffed’ out a wonderful line (if I say so myself) that I’d never skied before and we had a great ski down with good ambience. We then climbed back up for another 20-minutes and skied lovely snow all the way down through the meadows. Stephen was fist-pumping again, his mate Mark made really impressive progress during the morning, new man Thomas was entertaining to say the least, and Gill, Robert and Jean all skied well. We finished off an excellent ski with a good run down the piste on Solaise followed by a mini-Spatule. (Great photos Jean)

Andreas is skiing all-day with Mike Taylor’s team who are based in Tignes, (I’m glad you enjoy the diary Mike) and Henry wanted a mention for Wynne and Barbara who ‘skinned’ for nearly four-hours this morning. Bravo you two, but don’t you think Henry’s a bit hard on you? (My man Thomas thought a 30-minute followed by a 20-minute skin was tough and asked why we don’t use snowmobiles to pull us up?) Meanwhile Chris skied his team to the Sachette and back and Stuart managed to lose his Blackberry on the bus at lunchtime. Ouch!

I had a fantastic afternoon doing technique with Joy and Al. We did ‘string pulling’, side-slipping, pivoting exercises, grip and project, and some ‘power-wedging’. I don’t know about Joy and Al but I certainly felt better afterwards!

Sports Report- Michael Rosen’s Pats are a game away from the Super Bowl, and it’s a very win-able game at that while the happiest man in town must be Marty Heckleman who’s NY Giants upset the defending Champion Green Bay Packers and now face the San Francisco 49-ers. Brilliant stuff! (If you want a sample go to NFL.com and watch the highlights)

PS Jean took a good photo of a group of parapenters re-packing their bags under a huge ‘creeper’ in the bottom of the Tour du Charvet!

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