Unfortunately Radio Wil isn't returning this season

08 December 2007

Unfortunately Radio Wil isn’t returning this season as he’s on some sort of sailing trip to the far corners of the world, and I miss his humour and outlook first thing in the morning. Anyway, now for the good news. Radio Val announced that 25cm’s fell overnight and it was wonderful to find more like 40 to 50cm’s in places this morning. Some of the snow was compacted but in protected areas it was deep and of high quality. Margaret started her season today as did the Campbell’s, who son Rory, aged 11, was skiing chest-deep snow like a champion. Well done Rory for picking up his first ‘skier of the morning award’. Derek and Paul W also skied today and I feel sorry for Paul who will be accompanying Derek well into the night. Good luck Paul! It was a superb maximum-turn morning with excellent light as the early cloud cover dispersed quickly leaving us with brilliant sunshine that allowed us to really let go. The forecast is for the clouds to return this evening bringing wind and even more snow than last night. Bring it on!

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