Foul weather but big smiles!

20 January 2012

I could hear the wind moaning through the chimney around 6AM and knew then that we were in for a potentially tough day. And I also could feel that one or two extra glasses of wine had been consumed at John and Margaret’s last night (brilliant evening thanks!) and I was feeling a little sorry for myself while looking out the window at the brewing storm and wondering how the morning was going to pan out. We bussed around to La Daille and got the first Funival and decided to start the morning off in the lee so we headed down the Face du Bellevarde and had a great first run to wet the appetite. From there it was back up the Olympique and straight into the wind as we skied down the 3J before having three excellent runs on Bonnevie’s drag. Then we cut under the Mont Blanc chair and skied down via the Triffolet in lovely snow before coming back up to ski three more Bonnevie drags, which by this time had filled back in and we had it to ourselves. Everyone was grinning away and it’s rare that you get so many adults having such good fun in such windy weather, and Harriet, Ruth, Penny, Walter, Stephen, Mark and Robert were a pleasure to be with. Anyway, we skied back down through the Triffolet where we ran into Thomas and his team before riding the Funival one last time to find the information board at the top showing gusts of 86kph. We then skied the Verte and back up for another Bonnevie’s drag and down to the bottom for a 12:45 finish.

I never expected such a good morning and was really pleased about the positively brilliant attitude of all the ‘Alpine’ groups this morning. Andreas was skiing with Peter B, Chris was skiing with Charlotte, Dom, Myles, Stuart, Sandy, Mick D and Suzanne, Henry was with David H’s team as well as Wynne, and Thomas had three new English clients. Bravo everyone and to Ruth for a well deserved ‘skier of the morning’ award, she was really giving it some welly!

Up to 50cm’s of snow is expected before the morning but high winds are also forecast.

PS The avalanche risk had dropped to 1/5 over the past few days but it was starting to swing back the other way as goblet has been forming during the cold nights of the past ten days. Add the fresh snow that is now falling with the strong winds that is transporting even more snow onto a weakening base and we’ll be back up to 3 or 4/5 by morning.
(I took one photo today, which is on my link)

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