Absolutely brilliant!

21 January 2012

Yesterday was a pleasant surprise and fantastic skiing, but this morning was extraordinary! We had 50cm’s in the last 24-hours and the resort was slow to open, but once up the mountain it was a real treat. Everyone bussed down to La Daille and waited for the Funival, which opened around 9:25 (the Olympique opened at 10:30), and our opener was down the edge of the Diebold, then the Semanmille and across the bridge to open up the Triffolet. My team were first in with Chris’ team right behind and we had knee-deep snow of high quality right to the bottom. It was wonderful with Chris saying he’d never skied it in such good snow and we could have gone home happy then and there. Meanwhile Andreas and Henry were doing rotations on Bonnevie’s drag, which had outstanding snow as well. We then skied under Mont Blanc and down the Triffolet again before arriving for the opening of Tommeuses where Andreas was first in to the Familial followed by myself then Chris’ team, and Andreas said, “Well, that had to be the best Familial of the season”! The lifts were a little temperamental at times so we didn’t have quantity today but we most certainly had extremely high quality! (The wind died down significantly and we had good visibility all morning, which made a huge difference)

This afternoon Gill and I took the girls out with Kiera and Anna and we skied some gentle off-piste and the girls had a real giggle. They all wore beeps (for effect) and it was jolly good fun.

Sports Report- The games are on at the moment and I won’t say anything yet as it’s too early and I don’t want to jinx my boys, but come on you Hammers!

PS I unfortunately forgot my camera this morning but I did get some shots of the girls off-piste this afternoon.

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