'Educational' but great skiing!

22 January 2012

The resort opened spot on time this morning and Chris and I tried the Triffolet first thing as it was stunning yesterday, but it became evident that today was a totally different day to yesterday. The snow was much more compressed but it cleared giving us great visibility, and the chance to ski positively, which was absolutely necessary as the snow had some ‘technique’ in it today. With all that said, I thought it was superb this morning as we had a wonderful mix of snow, all of which was very ski-able and most of it was very enjoyable. After warming-up (more like heating-up) with the Triffolet we skied some nice snow off the Verte and some good snow in the Lower Borsat, then across the meadows down into Val Claret. We were first into the Combe des Lanches, which was deep but needed a good pole plant and to be skied with some welly before we cut a track under the couloirs where the big pitch to the bottom was the best deep-snow of the morning. Then we headed upstairs and skied some great compressed snow off the Genepy before cutting over to the Cairn, where we had pockets of powder as well. The Familial was a good finish to a very satisfying morning where John E skied himself to a ‘skier of the morning’ award, closely followed by Penny who didn’t miss a turn all morning. Bravo you two!

The rest of the boys had the day off and Andreas was up in town skiing with Victor, who at three is skiing really well. Chapeau Victor!

Sports Report- I was well pleased with the Hammers moving into first-place with an unconvincing win yesterday, even it if only turns out to be first place for 24-hours as the Saints play today. I tried to watch some of the City v Spurs match but when I stopped by Johnny ‘Alpine’s’ he hadn’t arrived and when I passed by Guffy’s (Pacific Bar) the match hadn’t yet started. (No wonder John wasn’t at home!) Anyway, I’ll be a sad git and follow it on my computer.

PS While at the Pacific I met Henry’s Mom (American/Canadian spelling) Nancy, who is a delightful woman. She’s here visiting her Grand-daughter and is babysitting so Ginnie can get some skiing in. Nancy was trying to work out when she could watch Rafa play in the Australian Open and of course I had to pipe-in that I’m a Federer fan, so we had a good discussion.

PSS Wow! What a second-half that must have been with City winning 3-2 after a scoreless first-half!

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