Much better than expected!

24 January 2012

What was looking like a tricky morning at 7AM turned out to be an excellent ski with great ambience and very good snow. We were still deciding what to do while riding up the Olympique but on top there was a clearing around the Charvet/Mont Roup area so we took a gamble on Mont Roup. Chris and I went from the Borsat traverse and enjoyed some lovely snow while Andreas skied some nice snow down form the Borsat to the Grand Pre and arrived from the Grand Pre traverse. The ‘skin’ up was very atmospheric with wind, snow and deteriorating light but we had the ‘light bulb’ hanging above us to light the way. Once on top it cleared again and except for the odd ‘sticky’ bit the snow was very good indeed and thoroughly enjoyed by all. We all took various routes to finish off the morning and it’s always satisfying when a potentially tough day turns out to be a cracker! (Jean was back in action so there will be some photos and his brother Bernard is here this week) Thomas was in action again today but I’m not sure what he skied and I haven’t seen Henry for a few days now.

I skied with the school kids again this afternoon and Kaye came along to help as her son Christian was in my group.

I’m off to dinner at Joy and Al’s with the girls so I must run. A demain!

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