Just enough light and 'maximum-turns'!

25 January 2012

It was similar to yesterday as far as following the visibility and again we did a pretty good job of skiing with the best of the light. I dove onto the Kern straight out of the Olympique with Andreas right behind has it was being bathed in glorious sunshine and we had a cracking good warm-up. Peter B said, “Great warm-up Wayne, now let’s get down to the serious stuff”! Anyway, Andreas then headed to Tignes and climbed into the Chardonnet with Thomas’ team and they had an excellent ski followed by a great trip to the Sachette.

Meanwhile I had a team of gentlemen with Terry and Ian at 64-years-of-age, Peter B and Jean’s brother Bernard at 67, Jean at 70 and John E at 74, and the boys seriously did the business. After our warm-up we skied the Borsat front-side, followed by the Lower Borsat and the meadows and a good steep pitch under the Fresse chair. We then followed the sun to the Col du Palet for a beautiful run to the bottom, and by this time it was clearing on the Motte so we took the train upstairs, where we skied two brilliant runs on-and-around Wayne’s Shoulder. By this time it was getting late so we skied a lovely Cairn then cruised to the bottom of La Daille as I needed to work this afternoon. Well done boys as they left great tracks everywhere and enjoyed a ‘maximum’ turn morning! (Well done Peter B as I’ve never seen you ski so calmly!)

Chris was in need of a change of scenery so he headed up to the Fornet and had some good skiing in the Combe du 3300 and the Pays Desert and his team thoroughly enjoyed their morning. Chris gave Hanna a ‘skier of the morning’ award’ and said she’s improved dramatically over the past few days. Well done Hannah! Looks like a job well done Team Alpine!

It closed back in this afternoon and snowed lightly but hopefully we’ll get a break in the clouds and see some sun tomorrow. Fingers crossed! (I skied a little off-piste this afternoon with Greg and Lisa in the flat-light, and for a five-week skier she skied brilliantly and hopefully we’ll see them in a group soon).

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