Bravo Christian and Hugo!

26 January 2012

Wow, what a brilliant day! The sun was out in full force without a cloud in the ski all day, and the skiing was superb. Colin needed to be back for a 1 o’clock bus out of town so we needed to stay somewhere where he could peel out, which eliminated the Fornet, so we headed up the Olympique and started with an excellent Face du Charvet. From there we had a lovely pitch in the Lower Borsat followed by a nice shot under the Fresse chair before two runs in more ‘educational’ snow off my shoulder on the Motte. (Colin needed to fly after the first one) On the way down from the Motte we skied a cracking good Cairn and finished with a good piste cruise. Ten-out-of-ten I’d say!

Meanwhile Chris headed back up to the Fornet and his team had three great runs in the Pays Desert (see Jean’s link) before trying to go over the Col Pers. After looking at the entrance his group was split about doing it or not, so they pulled back and skied a fourth Pays Desert. (Remy from Snow Fun took one hour to rope his team in)

Andreas wanted some exercise combined with good snow so he took his team up to the Col des Fours and they had a wonderful ski down. He’s off in ten-days to the Pyrenees to tour with JM and Oli and is trying to get himself in shape because with all the good snow of late we haven’t needed to ‘skin’ all that often.

I had a wonderful afternoon with my group of 4-year-olds this afternoon as we skied four runs using the Marmottes Express. (Andreas’ team’s tracks look good in the afternoon sun from the top of Bellevarde) We skied the Acti-cross run and then skied some lovely powder of 5cm’s between the pistes, and it was jolly good fun. Stephen and Ben came along and their sons Christian and Hugo both skied brilliantly after struggling on Tuesday. Bravo boys! (And thanks Stephen and Ben for your help)

Ten to twenty centimetres of snow is forecast for during the day tomorrow but hopefully we’ll get some during the night.

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