Just enough light for a pretty good morning!

27 January 2012

The forecast wasn’t very good for today but when I awoke to clear skies at 6AM there was a chance for decent visibility. By nine o’clock it had clouded over but we could see enough for a team ‘Alpine’ trip to the Crete du Genepy, and the light remained good enough for us all to enjoy a really good ski on a potentially tricky morning. Henry joined, Chris, Andreas and I as we all ‘skinned’ up and after some slightly tricky snow on the first pitch the snow just got better and better as we skied down. I ‘sniffed’ out some bonus turns off the top of the Manchet Express then a few more turns off the Tete du Solaise, and after that we skied some lovely piste to finish off. (I’m not too sure how the rest of the boys finished off their morning)

Chrissy’s friend Annelie, who Chrissy met on a riding holiday in India, skied her first-ever morning with ‘Alpine’ this morning and I was very pleased at how she applied herself. She was a little nervous at first skiing with such an experienced group but she did extremely well and settled in nicely. Well done Annelie! (It was also nice having Gill along as she hasn’t been off-piste all week as I’ve been very busy)

I finished my hours of community service (I haven’t been arrested or anything like that, it’s hours for our free ski passes) this afternoon after spending some great time with a group of local 4-year-old school kids, and I must say the entire team was made up of real characters. It was jolly good fun but I’m looking forward to a rest tomorrow afternoon at Johnny ‘Alpine’s’ to watch Liverpool v Man U in the FA Cup. And what great tennis today if you had the chance to watch it.

Hopefully we’ll get the 10 cm’s that was forecast for today as a new blanket of snow would be lovely, especially if we’re dealing with flat light!

PS Great photos Jean! Merci.
PPS I forgot to mention that Tansy had her first off-piste ski of the season with Andreas this morning.

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