An excellent Sachette!

28 January 2012

It was another day where we didn’t expect too much but were pleasantly surprised by not only the visibility but also the snow quality. It started snowing lightly around 6AM but by nine there was a nice cushion, which softened it up nicely, and the skies brightened leaving us with excellent visibility and moments of proper sunshine. Chris and I skied off the Verte and the Lower Borsat in really good snow before skiing an excellent Sachette in clean untracked snow. I went all the way into the bowl while Chris opted for the first couloir, then Chris cut a track to the meadows under the Glacier Suspendu. Andreas came in behind us after skiing the Chardonnet and just as we were exiting the Sache the fog started to roll in so our timing (with a little luck) turned out to be perfect. We were also treated to a great wild-life show as the chamois were up close on the cliffs and it was brilliant viewing. Chris and Andreas then skied the Familial on the way home while I skied some bonus turns off the Edelweiss. Thomas was working as well today and he had his group all day. He skied off the Borsat, in the Combe des Lanches, the Chardonnet and the Sache/Sachette plus some other bits and pieces.

It was Jonathan, Peter and Olivia’s last day today as well as Jean’s brother Bernard, all of whom have had a great week. It was also nice to see Andreas’ children Ness and Victor at the Rond Point this morning as Ness was going to assist Tansy. My girls skied with Gill this morning and they profited from the good light and fresh snow while skiing to Les Brevieres and back. (Also a mention for Dave who enjoyed his first week with us)

It started snowing again this afternoon and hopefully we’ll see 10 to 20cm’s by morning but there’s the possibility of a retour d’est, which means we could see much, much more than that towards the Fornet. If it arrives it’s from the right direction to cover the rocks on the entrance to the Col Pers, which would open up the Col itself plus the Glacier Pers, giving us some great options. Fingers crossed on that one!

Sports Report- Thanks John for hosting a great afternoon of football. His place was full of Man U season ticket holders and fans, such as Chris E and his wife Jannie, Dave, who’s from Manchester and John himself. Dave C was also there but I’m not too sure who he was cheering for, and of course me who was pulling for Liverpool, who won 2-1 on a late goal in the 88th-minute. They all took the defeat rather well but I guess that’s easier when your trophy cabinet is bursting. After returning home I logged-on to check the cricket score and was expecting some goods. But what a shocking result, all-out for 72! Dreadful, absolutely dreadful! Andy Murray came ever so close and can be proud of the way he played against Djokovic, and the final should be fantastic with Djokovic vs. Nadal.

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