Ladies day on Chris' Birthday!

29 January 2012

Wow, what a fantastic ski we had today for Chris’ birthday! And to add to the proceedings Chris and I both had ladies teams of five each, which is pretty rare these days. It didn’t snow as much as forecast but still enough fell to make a difference and with the light being much better than expected we profited with a ‘maximum-turn’ type morning. We warmed-up off the Verte followed by a nice Lower Borsat and meadows into Val Claret. From there we headed upstairs for two runs off my shoulder, which was the toughest skiing of the morning but still very good, followed by an excellent run down the Cairn. Next up was the best of the morning on the North Face of the Grande Balme. It was smooth underfoot with 10 to 15cm’s of light fresh snow on top and it’s always a slope with ambience. From there we finished off a great morning with very pleasant Familial.

Meanwhile Andreas and Henry decided to head up to the Fornet for a change of scenery and I’m not too sure how they got on. They did rope over the Col but decided against going through the gorge and skied the Grand Torsai instead.

Gill was along for a bonus ski as the girls had a sleep-over at Anna’s last night followed by swimming with Stephen and Kaye this morning. It’s rare that she gets to ski off-piste on the weekends so thank-you Kiera, Kaye and Stephen!

It’s forecast to get very cold this week with some in-and-out weather, but if we’re as lucky as we’ve been the past three days where the light has been pretty good, we should have another excellent week of skiing. Stay tuned!

And Happy Birthday to Chris and my father-in-law Fred.

PS Today’s photos are on my link as Jean had a day of rest. And well done Novac for a stunning victory in five-sets over Rafa.

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