What a fabulous getaway!

30 January 2012

Yet again it was clear at 6AM (don’t ask me what I’m doing every morning at that time) but by ‘show-time’ the sky had clouded over and the visibility had deteriorated somewhat. Still, there was enough light to navigate and at times the visibility was pretty good and we all enjoyed another morning of great skiing. Andreas, Thomas and Henry all skied the Lower Lavachet followed by the Glattier, the Cocaine Nord and then the Familial to finish. They had excellent snow most of the way and had a really good result for the morning. Bravo boys! (and nice to see Henry and Thomas back in action)

Meanwhile Chris and I headed towards the Motte. My team ‘sniffed’ around off the Mont Blanc piste to warm-up and check out my new team of Christian, Nick Giles and Douglas (who were joining Penny, Jean and Chris E) and found some good un-tracked snow en route to the Borsat chair. In the Lower Borsat we skied an excellent shoulder where the new boys got the hang of the track routine and we continued on down the meadows into Val Claret and up the train. We then skied a steep variation off the Leisse before continuing down across the meadows in lovely snow before ‘skinning’ out for ten-minutes. Next up was off the Genepy before ‘skinning’ again for another 10-minutes up under the Borsat West, but unfortunately the light flattened and we had our worst vis of the morning, but managed a good run down anyway. Chris and I finished off with a good alti-port in the Familial to finish of a good solid morning.

I must mention Jonathan’s exit from town yesterday and give him some award such as the ‘classiest exit’. It was superb free advertising for ‘Alpine’ as he had a bus full of YSE clients stop in front of the Gourmandine while Jonathan jumped out and gave high-fives to the blokes while kissing all the ladies in front of the waiting people watching out their bus windows. It was brilliant Jonathan, just brilliant!

It was -9C in town this morning and it’s forecast to get colder during the week, but unfortunately we won’t see much snow. There is plenty of good skiing to be done however and if we’re lucky with the light we’ll be fine.

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