Cold and getting colder!

31 January 2012

It was the coldest day of the season so far and my day started by finding that I’d failed to turn on my boot warmers last night! Bummer. Anyway my plan was to head up to the Fornet with Andreas this morning but at 8:50 Solaise was closed while the Olympique was open so I headed up Bellevarde with Chris instead. We had a nice cushion of fresh snow that fell during the night, (and it continued to snow lightly all morning), and Chris and my teams skied a couple of good runs in lovely snow off the edge of the pistes and on the piste themselves. It was jolly cold and Penny pulled out first as her knee was bothering her and Gill went next as she was frozen, so the rest of us continued on and had a great run in the Lower Borsat and meadows towards a hot chocolate in Val Claret. I took both boots off to rub my feet (damp boots from yesterday, what a berk!) and then put on my neoprene boot warmers which saved my morning. Thanks Doug for the team hot chocolates! Chris’ team joined us for drinks and a warm-up before we all headed up to ski the big Face Nord on the Grande Balme. It was a good adventure as it wasn’t evident how to get in and it took a little longer than planned, but we managed and the ski down was superb in 25cm’s or so, and it was a definite ‘morning winner’. By this time we were well late so we took the Col de Fresse and headed back to town as quickly as possible as Tilly had a plane to catch.

Meanwhile Andreas was up at the Fornet and had some cold moments as well and his team also had a hot chocolate stop. (It’s the first time all season everyone had sought shelter) Andreas then had a couple of ‘morning winners’ as well in the Grand Vallon and for a cold day with flat light everyone went home extremely happy.

It’s due to get colder as the week progresses but the fresh snow over the past 18-hours has helped and tomorrow’s forecast is for clearer skies and much better visibility. Today’s lesson, turn on your boot warmers!

Thanks Jean for your photos today as only a brave and dedicated man would take off their gloves in that weather!

PS Bravo Andreas for doing the torchlight tonight in memory of friends lost in the mountains.

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