A morning of 'classics'!

01 February 2012

Although it was -19C in the village this morning the wind had dropped and by staying in the sun it was much, much warmer than yesterday. Chris and I decided on the ‘classic’ Val d’Isere spring slopes to remain warm and we had a cracking good ski. We started with a good Kern to warm-up and then we were the first onto the Face du Charvet, which was wonderful and always a treat. Pat Zimmer came in after us with three of his most faithful clients and it was good to see him out there. Next up was the Tour du Charvet and for the most part it was excellent and then my team finished with a really good run down from the Manchet through the Marmottons/Marmottes to the bottom while Chris continued and went back up for a Super L as he can ski home from there. Jean stopped at 11 o’clock after the Face saying he’d had a perfect morning and was going home to take his wife down to Bourg. It was nice to show Giles (taught for four seasons in Verbier) and his mates Christian, Nick and Douglas some of the big slopes and they really appreciated the skiing and ambience of today’s ‘classics’.

Thomas and Andreas had a great ski as well as they both headed Tignes-way and skied a good Borsat before skiing an excellent Chardonnet followed by an equally good Sachette. Henry was skiing as well with his wife Ginnie and some old friends from years ago, Anthony and Kim. (And these guys do go way back as I remember them for 25-years or more ago.) I’m not too sure what they got up to but I’m sure it was interesting.

Katie and I went out for a little ski together this afternoon and we spent some time leaving lovely powder tracks just off the pistes. When it’s too deep for her she follows right in my track, otherwise she likes to leave her own signature. That’s my girl!

Sports Report- Not too much to say about a 5-1 defeat. Dreadful!

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