Mont Roup at its best!

02 February 2012

After a slightly hazy start the skies cleared leaving us with a cold but stunning day. We had a team ski on Mont Roup as Chris, Andreas and I all headed that way via the Borsat. The traverse was slow due to the cold snow but it was worth it as the ski down through the meadows was wonderful. The ‘skin’ up Mont Roup is now in sunlight as the sun is that little bit higher in the sky and although it was -16C this morning we were stripping off neck fleeces, hats and taking off a layer for the climb. The ski down was magnificent as the snow quality was fantastic and between us we had quite a few who were making their first trip to Mont Roup, all of whom were well impressed. In fact Christian stated, “That was a privilege”! and the regulars to Mont Roup knew the snow was particularly good this time around. It was great to have Gill along as she’s missed out of late for various reasons and she loved it. (Pat Z was in the same neighbourhood again today, good ‘sniffing’ Pat!)

Henry was skiing this morning and I think he headed Lavachet/Sache way and I’m sure he had a great morning as well and Thomas had the day off.

I had a nice afternoon skiing with Sharon and her friend Rosemary and we mixed some intro to off-piste with some technique. It’s a pleasure teaching when the sun is out and the ladies did very well. Millie and I crossed paths at the bus stop as she was going out with her school class skiing for the afternoon. Apparently for someone who hates racing her teacher seems to think she’s quite fast so hopefully she’ll do well in her race tomorrow. (She’s been dreading it!)

Hopefully Andreas will be feeling better tomorrow as he was heading home to take himself to bed this afternoon. I must say he didn’t sound very well on the radio and we’ve both been fighting off colds for the past two weeks, but his seems to have taken a turn for the worse.

The cold weather is set to continue but the sun is also forecast to shine, which makes the cold much more manageable. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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