Cold weather but great skiing!

03 February 2012

It was even colder this morning and I wanted to show Christian, Giles, Nick and Doug some different scenery as it was their last day, so the Fornet was immediately ruled out as a non-starter and we headed to the Sachette. We started off in some lovely snow in the Borsat and the Sachette itself was wonderful. Chris and I then ‘skinned’ up for ten-minutes or so towards the Glacier Suspendu to access a great 72-turn pitch back down to the meadows. The boys had a brilliant week as we skied some big slopes and the snow quality has been as good as we’ve had all winter.

Andreas had some fantastic skiing on the Crete du Genepy and stayed in the sun while Thomas was planning on a trip through the Tour du Balme, which we haven’t done for quite some time, and I imagine that it was jolly good. (Bravo Andreas for working today as he wasn’t at all well.)

Chris had some lovely new clients who did extremly well this week. Well done to Arlene, Paul and Lucy!

The cold weather is set continue but as long as the sun shines and the wind doesn’t blow it’s bearable. It’s snowing lightly at the moment, but I do mean lightly, and I’m not really expecting fresh snow for the morning. It would be nice to be wrong however!

And Millie did very well in her race this afternoon and I think she really enjoyed the training, although she won’t admit it!

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