Jolly chilly but more than bearable in the sun!

04 February 2012

Radio Val announced -21C this morning at 8AM and it was a chilly start to say the least. Chris called in with a sore throat so his team of Jean and Kit joined Jean R, Penny, Catherine and Sophie (secretary Sophie) and we all bundled up and went off to face the morning. We headed to the sun and ‘skinned’ up to the Crete du Genepy and it was warm enough for everyone to shed a layer, and we started off skiers-left for two excellent pitches before ‘skinning’ back up again. On the second climb I took off two layers, my neck fleece and my head-band, and it was extremely warm. This time we skied out to the right down the more classic route and again the snow was superb top-to-bottom. We skied a lovely steep pitch above the pond and Jean skied extremely well as the team laid a perfect set of tracks. The instant we arrived at the bottom and into the shade the temperature dropped immediately and we realized how cold it really was. Every layer that was shed went straight back on and it took an effort to push out as our skis weren’t gliding at all. It was a great morning and well done to everyone for showing up with such enthusiasm! (I’m looking forward to Jean’s photos)

Gill, Kiera, and Doctor Laura took Millie, Katie and Anna for a ski this morning and it was the coldest day any of the children have ever skied in. They hung in there from 10:15 until 12:45 but they were all extremely happy to return home, and Katie even gobbled up her hot homemade soup for a change!

Sports Report- It’s all happening at Upton Park. The Hammers went down to ten-men after just eight minutes but managed to score just before the half-time whistle. I just checked the score and groaned as Millwall equalised in the 65-minute, but the next time I checked minutes later the Hammer had score again. Come on boys as three-points playing with ten men would be a fantastic result! (There’s 15-minutes to go) And Michael R and Marty will be glued to their TV’s tomorrow for the Super Bowl, which should be a good one.

PS. Andreas and Chris were off ill while Thomas and Henry were both relaxing with their families.

PSS Bravo West Ham! You’d be happy with a draw going down to ten-men after eight minutes but to come away with a victory is a massive result. Now I can calm down and watch some rugby!

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