That was a rather funky morning!

05 February 2012

It was Dave’s first-ever visit to Val d’Isere as he read my book several years ago and thought it was time to come and ski with us. Being Dave’s first morning and after yesterday’s double ‘skin’ I thought I’d give Penny and Jean an easier day, but our opening run turned out to be quite funky. We started out in the Kern but continued on in search of fresh snow and ended up skiing the Super Spatule, where we found some great snow and great ambience. From there we headed into Tignes and skied a very good Super Cocaine Sud out on the shoulder and then down across the meadows. From there we skied off the Aiguille Rouge in some fantastic snow before ‘skinning’ back up for ten-minutes to the chairlift and we finished off with a pleasant Familial. Dave did really well and slotted in nicely with the tracks and he’s probably the only person I know who’s first run in Val d’Isere was the Super Spatule. Bienvenue Dave! (I was the only one skiing again this morning and I’m sure the rest of the boys will be raring to go tomorrow)

Gill and I are waiting for the girls to return home from Dom and Sarah’s where they’ve had lunch after a morning of swimming with Stephen, Kaye, Christian, Dom, Millie and Harry. Thanks Dom for taking them swimming and for lunch while Gill skied with your lovely wife.

Radio Val announced -21C again this morning but as we stayed in the sun it never felt that cold. Once you get your routine together it’s actually very pleasant and the clarity of the sky is wonderful. We should have another similar day again tomorrow.

PS Sports Report- Wow! What a match between Chelsea and United. I can just picture Eric H, Johnny ‘Alpine’, the Dunn brothers and Chris and Matt E amongst others, jumping up and down after coming back from 3 goals down to equalize. Even non-United fans must be impressed with that! Chapeau! And what a good rugby match as well.

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