December 5th and 6th

06 December 2007

December 5th

The sun was out this morning in full force with temperatures forecast to rise to +7C at 2000m during the afternoon. Jean R, Robert J and I were treated to a superb morning of skiing on a variety of surfaces. We had wind-compressed snow with a creamy feel, wind-compressed snow where we sunk in between 5 and 10 cm’s, and some excellent deep snow as well. Having the place to ourselves finding trackless snow everywhere we skied, starting off the Tommeuse Chair, followed by a fun our towards Bonnevie’s drag, then we ‘opened’ the Campanule, before being first into the closed Genepy/Cairn sector off the Grande Motte. Andreas and Tansy took Ness for a family ski on Tansy’s birthday and Ness thoroughly enjoyed her frites and bowl of ice cream. Kristina and I represented ‘Alpine’ at the opening soiree at the Taverne d’Alsace, which was fantastic and extremely well catered. I had some inquisitive looks from a few nosey people wondering who the dark-haired-beauty I was accompanying was, and needed to constantly introduce Kristina as ‘our secretary’. It was all in good fun and a jolly good evening.

December 6th

A dusting a snow fell overnight and at 7AM it looked as if we could be in for some flat light, but it cleared quickly and we had wonderful sunshine again this morning. We skied the Piste H to get into Tignes (which was in perfect shape) en route to the Grande Motte sector where we spent most of the morning. Jean, Robert and I skied our shoulder off the Leisse three times before heading down via the still closed and un-pisted Genepy. We skied mostly wind-compacted snow, some of which we stayed on top of, and snow that we left some decent tracks in. Again we were alone and didn’t see anyone else all morning long, which you all know is extremely rewarding. A sea of cloud developed down in the valley floor and we dropped into some thick fog on the way to Les Tufs at the end of the morning. I turned out that it was cloudy in town all morning long while we were lucky enough to be under clear blue skies. Chris and Suzanne arrived yesterday and will need a day or two to get organised and thank you Millie for the phone call this morning. The forecast is for some snow moving in over the weekend with some sources predicting up to a metre.

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