A wonderful 'double-skin' on the Crete.

06 February 2012

The cold snap continues but everyone has themselves more organised clothing-wise, we’re also skiing in the sun as much as possible and we’re coping quite well. I took my team of Richard, James, Stephen, Kaye, Jean, Dave and Gill for a ‘double-skin’ on the Crete du Genepy and we had superb snow top-to-bottom. We climbed up the first time for an excellent steep pitch of 55-turns before ‘skinning’ back up to go skiers-right towards the bottom of Mont Roup. It really was good and the team didn‘t miss a beat and laid perfect tracks all morning long. (I’ll post some extra photos on my link as it was Jean’s last morning for awhile and I’ll be taking over the photos-of-the-day)

Meanwhile Chris was skiing with Malcolm, Will, Noll, and Ralph and they skied off the Borsat traverse followed by the Tour du Charvet and I’m not sure after that. Thomas and Andreas headed for the Glacier Suspendu where it was slightly winded up top but excellent on the slopes back into the Sache. They then had an adventurous time exiting through the waterfall at the bottom and Thomas chuckled as he said he’d be taking the classic exit next time through.

The sun is forecast to shine until the end of the week and perhaps then we’ll get some snow. The resort is tracked out but we’re skiing in some of the best quality snow of the season but walking is a must to find it. I guess it’s a good thing you all love to walk! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

Sports Report- Commiserations to Michael R as his team lost a thrilling Super Bowl 21-17 to the NY Giants.

PS I had a good initiation afternoon with Jay, Andy and Cormack, all pals of Richard and James. Well done boys! (extra photos now up on my link)

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