A real thigh-burner!

07 February 2012

It was -20C again this morning and my plan was to ‘skin’ to the Col des Fours but with it forecast to warm up towards the end of the week I thought the Col could wait a couple of days and we headed towards the sunshine in Tignes instead. (Plus I needed to be on time for a lesson this afternoon) We left some lovely tracks in the Borsat before heading upstairs in the Funicular and we exited out the top doors to have a look at our options. Gill said, “Did you notice the cable-car was open”? I hadn’t because rumour has it that it’s closed for the season, so we were surprised to see it running and we rode the cable-car for the first time this season. That gave us access to the Rosolin where we skied an excellent 152-thigh-buring-turns to the bottom before ‘skinning’ out. I thought of climbing up towards the Dome de Pramecou but once up close it had taken the wind and wasn’t as good as I’d been hoping so we skied off a nice shoulder then down over the ‘Wall’, which I haven’t done for quite some time. After the ‘Wall’ we squeezed out a nice line in the Familial then ‘skinned’ for another 5-minutes to get the lovely slopes under the cliffs and power-line. It turned out to be a bit of a funky morning with good skiing and ambience, and we managed to stay in the sun as the resort clouded over from the Fornet quicker than expected and by one o’clock the light was pretty flat everywhere.

Chris equipped his team with ‘skins’ and they headed towards the Crete du Genepy, which remains very good indeed, Thomas skied in the same area while Andreas and Henry rolled the dice and took their teams up to the Cold des Fours. They watched the clouds coming up from behind but managed great skiing in the sun until the refuge before the clouds overtook them leaving them in flat light for the exit out. Well done boys! Andreas leaves tomorrow for a week of touring with Olivier in the Pyrenees so we wish him a happy holiday!

The wind started blowing from the south-east and east this afternoon and it was fairly strong on the top of Bellevarde. Hopefully it won’t damage too much snow and will perhaps move some snow about and improve other areas. Might as well be positive! I’ll let you know tomorrow.

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