Conditions are changing!

08 February 2012

It was a much tougher morning as we had strong winds and flat light all morning long. The east and south-easterly wind that has been blowing hard during the past 18-hours or so had created some isolated plaques in places which were very fragile. Both Thomas and Chris had plaques pop out on them this morning and fortunately they both turned out to be good learning experiences. Thomas had a little plaque let go on the traverse around the Familial to the Little Lavachet and Chris had one on the traverse across the couloir to the Sachette. Our period of blissful skiing is coming to an end as conditions are changing with the formation of goblet during this extreme cold-snap followed by the strong wind, which has now been blowing for about 24-hours. It’s now time to slow down and re-evaluate conditions and after the next snowfall we’ll need to be on our toes.

As for today’s skiing, I thought it was pretty jolly good, all things considered. We had a good run in the Little Lavachet with some nice creamy snow followed by some excellent deep snow lower down. From there we had a good run up top in the Sachette followed by a trickier middle section and very good snow towards the bottom. My team finished off a good but tougher (because of wind and flat light) morning with the Familial.

I skied with Gill, Millie, Katie and Doctor Laura this afternoon and we had a great time around the top of La Daille, mixing in piste, our ‘funk’ run, the Acti-cross, and the Snow Park. We ran into Jean Marc at the bottom of the Funival and he’s here for a few days with private clients.

It’s cleared this afternoon and hopefully we’ll be back in the sun tomorrow.

PS Daily photos are now on my link while Jean is away.

PSS Andreas is going to assist Oli next week as JM is busy, so he will be working as compared to going on holiday. Sorry about that. But still, going somewhere new on an airplane sounds pretty good to me! Have fun boys!

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