Happy Birthday Liz!

09 February 2012

For the first time in at least two weeks I took my team to the Fornet, and it’s always a must when you have someone like Dave who is visiting Val d’Isere for the first time. We started off in the Combe du Signal from the Pyramid and managed to find a decent line amongst the carnage, meaning tracks or wind damaged snow. From there we headed upstairs and from the Col it didn’t look all that promising as the Pays Desert was ravaged by the wind, but out towards the Combe du Geant it looked much better, and in fact it was superb! After two great runs around the Combe we headed over the Col Pers for an adventure as we certainly weren’t going to find better snow than we’d already skied. The entrance wasn’t too bad and after side-stepping on dirt and rocks for about ten metres, we were back on snow. Everything back-side has been hit hard by the wind (again) and besides the odd patch of soft snow we were looking for various forms of soufflé, which worked all the way down. Thomas, Jean Marc and I all skied the same runs today and after taking various routes down from the Col we met up at the entrance to the gorge, which passed easily without any real tricky sections. It was nice to be out there again and the scenery is stunning although it’s a long way from its best ski-wise.

Henry had a wonderful run or two on the Pissailles as well and I’m not sure what he skied to finish up and Chris took his team to Italy for a relaxing day and some pasta.

Gill has returned to England for four days to celebrate her Mum Liz’s 70th birthday. Happy birthday Liz and enjoy your party tonight! While Gill is gone the girls and I have planned a naughty weekend of treats and activities. And thank you to Doctor Laura, Stephen and Kaye and Kiera for helping me out with the little rascals.

Hopefully the sun will shine again tomorrow as no real snow is forecast.

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