Much better snow than expected in cold conditions!

10 February 2012

The sun was shining this morning but it was -16C in the village and -20C on the top of Bellevarde at 8AM, so the only place to be was somewhere in the sun on a southern-ish exposure. The wind over the past 48-hours had made a mess of many slopes but last night’s cold temperatures loosened up a lot of the plaque quite considerably and I was surprised at how good the skiing was today. Thomas and I headed across the Borsat towards the Crete du Genepy where I ‘skinned’ up for about 25-minutes while Thomas continued on to towards Mont Roup. I managed to ‘sniff’ out some excellent pitches amongst the wandering plaque and we enjoyed some great skiing in relative warmth. Once down we ‘skinned’ part way up Mont Roup to join Thomas’ team who were skiing back down the northern-side of Mont Roup where the snow was pretty jolly good as well. At this stage my right foot started to feel the cold for the first time all morning and we high-tailed it back to the Manchet Express with my boots undone and swinging my leg back and forth whenever I could. At the Gourmandine this morning Henry had mentioned the gulley/couloir in the Marmottes was smooth and chalky (but with a high ‘whipper-factor’) so we tried that on the way back to finish the morning. It was excellent skiing with great ambience as well as being a nice change of pace. Good call thanks Henry!

Speaking of Henry, he had an initiation group today and I’m not sure where he skied and I don’t know what adventures Chris had in store for his team. They did however have a good day in Italy yesterday.

The extremely cold weather last night did wonders for the short term, as in improving the snow for today’s skiing, but unfortunately this cold weather won’t do us any good in the long term as it’s creating a fragile layer underneath that could become a problem as the season wears on. Stay tuned to Henry’s website as he’ll be analysing the evolution of the snow-pack.

Olivier and Andreas had a great first day to their tour yesterday as they had some good powder with sunny skies. Good luck for the rest of the week boys!

I haven’t heard how Liz’s 70th party went last night as Gill was a little nervous about giving a speech. (Nothing like speaking in public to get one going!) I’m sure she was fine and they had a fantastic time.

It clouded over this afternoon and if we’re lucky it will warm up a little and maybe a few flakes will drop out of the sky. Fingers crossed!

PS Apparently Gill’s speech was excellent last night and her Mum really appreciated her effort. Gill received loads of positive comments and since she’s never really had to do a speech before she’s rather proud of herself. Bravo Honey! (Photos of the Day are on my link)

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