Well done Katie!

11 February 2012

The cold-snap continued today with -16C in town and -21C at altitude, but it didn’t seem that cold as the skies cleared quickly and we enjoyed some lovely sunshine and excellent visibility. The pistes were outstanding today and we mixed some great piste skiing with very good off-piste runs. We skied the Lower Borsat, two runs off the Grande Motte cable-car (one either side), Wayne’s Shoulder, and then we ‘skinned’ for 15-minutes under the Borsat West. I radioed Chris at the end of the morning to check the conditions on the Alti-port in the Familial and when he reported ‘moyen’ we decided to finish the morning with a superb run down on the piste. The snow was easy to get an edge into and we wailed down working our skis and really zipping about.

Meanwhile Chris finished his week with his team in similar fashion although they didn’t do any walking. Thomas was down in Ste Foy but I haven’t heard how he got on.

I spent the afternoon at the ice rink with the girls and their friend Anna and her Dad Didier. Katie could hardly stand up at the beginning of the session and by the end she was skating on her own. Well done Katie!

Laura has been helping me out with the girls while Gill’s away and she had us over for dinner last night followed by a sleep-over for the girls. Laura’s a brilliant cook and her meals are always a treat but last night she delivered an exceptional meal of the highest quality. I cursed myself for not having my camera because I would have photographed each course and put it up on the Photos of the Day. You could have spent 200 Euros in any restaurant in town and not had better food. Stunning Laura and thanks for your help.

Speaking of restaurants, tonight Stephen, Kaye, Christian, Laura, Millie, Katie and I went to the girls favourite, the Billabong/Quicksilver Burger Bar and we had a great time, and it’s the only place Katie finishes everything on her plate. The girls were exhausted as they stayed up to 11 o’clock last night (naughty Laura) and they almost fell asleep licking their ice-creams.

Anyway, the sun is forecast for the morning, the girls are swimming with Stephen and Kaye, we’re then skiing in the afternoon with Laura followed by drinks for Pat Woo’s birthday, and Gill arrives home late tomorrow night. Busy day ahead!

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