Good luck Gill!

12 February 2012

It was jolly cold again this morning and since I had a new team I gave them a choice of walking or skiing, and to my surprise they all chose walking so I took them up to the Crete du Genepy. It was a stunning walk and we were totally on our own, and warm, both of which were greatly appreciated. The snow wasn’t as good has it has been but for the most part it was pretty decent and we had the odd patch of trickier snow. Eugene, Alex and Charles, who’s new to ‘Alpine’, all did the business and I was really impressed with they way they handled themselves. Bravo boys! On the way back we headed down Henry’s Gulley in the Marmottes, which was good skiing again with impressive ambience and we met Henry who was trying one of the couloirs further over. The boys really enjoyed their morning and they’ll enjoy their photos as they’re looking pretty good!

This afternoon I had a fantastic ski with Millie, Katie and Stephen as we skied some superb piste, the Acti-cross, the Snow Park (yes, jumping is just around the corner), the Funk Run and the avalanche path home as there is now a bus queue now that the holidays have started.

Thanks Kaye for taking the girls swimming this morning and thanks Pat for a lovely birthday drinks party. (Pat’s birthday, not mine) The girls always love to be invited to a drinks party and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And Happy Birthday to you Pat!

I skied with Sylvie yesterday and she organises shared rides to and from Geneva on her website It’s an excellent service so if you’re coming or going and want to share the expense log-on to Sylvie’s site.

Good luck to Gill tonight as she arrives at the airport in Lyon. The car has been parked outside for four days and nights in this cold weather and I’m worried that the diesel might freeze. Fingers crossed that she’ll be alright!

The sun should shine tomorrow but rumour has it that it will snow on Tuesday.

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