Avalanche risk at 2/5, but a high 'whipper-factor'!

13 February 2012

Radio Val reported -18C in the village and -15C upstairs this morning and with another new team I ‘skinned’ to the trusted Crete du Genepy. I had two first-time clients this morning, Ken and his 16-year-old son Mark, both of whom are pretty new to off-piste and have never ‘skinned’ before, and they both did extremely well. Bravo boys! The top pitch was a little tricky but the snow improved as we worked our way down and again we were alone and stayed warm. We finished off with Henry’s Gulley, which was very good again today and the entire team enjoyed it.

Speaking of Henry, he had a ‘whipper’ in his group today in the Couloir Centrale in the Spatule and Henry did a magnificent job of stopping Charles before he came to any harm. Henry broke his poles, had the bindings pulled out of one of his skis and felt a little bruised. We’ve all had skiers fall and slide in the steep, whether it be in winter during a drought and following strong winds, or in the spring, and believe me it’s a scary moment and something you don’t forget. It takes courage to throw yourself in front of someone who is hurtling down the mountain but you know you must try. Well done Henry! Both Henry and Charles are fine and both will be back in action tomorrow.

Thomas and Chris are skiing on-piste this week with families and Andreas returns tonight from his time in the Pyrenees with Olivier. They had a great week and Andreas stayed at Oli’s and thoroughly enjoyed Claire’s home-cooking.

Gill made it back last night but said she was glad the car didn’t need to sit out for another night. I was relieved when she didn’t phone around 10 o’clock and she was equally happy when the car fired up without too much trouble. She had a wonderful few days celebrating her Mum’s 70th and walking with friends.

We should have good visibility again tomorrow and tomorrow’s snow has now been forecast for Wednesday.

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