December 3rd and 4th

04 December 2007

I forgot to mention how well Penny skied over the weekend. She really got stuck in and I was very impressed with the way she handled the conditions we were dealing with. Bravo Penny! It snowed about 25cm’s Sunday night but with gusts up to 150 kph at altitude they weren’t going to be opening anything in a hurry. I hooked up with Dave Stockill and we braved the roads for some world-class shopping and a brilliant lunch down in Albertville. It snowed less last night and the wind continued, but the wind was forecast to die down in the afternoon with the sun returning. With the lifts closed Robert J and I ‘skinned’ up La Daille and ended up having a real ‘travelling in the mountains experience’. The piste had been groomed and in search of fresh snow we ended up with me putting my handle in and in the end we turned around and put our skins back on to retreat. At one point I put my pole in right up to my armpit, just to show you how much snow has built up in certain places. Anyway, we played it safe (it’s not often that we turn around, especially on the third day of the season) and had a good time. There was a limited opening around 1:30 when the wind calmed down and the sun came out. Jean R left Toulouse yesterday and made it all the way to Grenoble before turning back to retrieve his keys but Jean will be skiing tomorrow. John and Margaret are on their way and Clive should be arriving any day now as well. Chris and Suzanne return tomorrow after celebrating Suzanne’s birthday tonight with her family back in the UK. Happy Birthday to you Suzanne! I’m not too sure about the forecast but it looks as if we will have some sunshine to enjoy tomorrow while we survey the mountain.

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