16 February 2012

It snowed about ten centimetres over night, maybe 15cm’s and the wind was howling during the night. The day started off overcast with fleeting teasing patches of sunlit areas, so when the Kern presented itself I dove straight in to start off the morning. It was a cracking good start to the day and we followed it up with a decent (but worst of the morning) Fontaine Froide en route to a lovely run off the Grand Pre in another bit of sunshine. From there we skied the Lower Borsat in atmospheric light and then it was decision time. It looked as if the Motte was above the clouds so we took the Funicular and arrived to brilliant sunshine at the top. I was expecting a nice accumulation in the lee but I was totally surprised by 50 to 60cm’s of light powder on Wayne’s Shoulder. Lucky, lucky us! I’ve had a lot of great skiing over the years in that area but can’t remember it ever being better and being just above a sea of cloud made it all the better. (If you don’t believe me check the photos on my link) After a couple of runs we stayed on the piste on the way back as we descended back into clouds and we were running late.

Meanwhile, Andreas headed for the Chardonnet and had great skiing with ambience. He then headed for the Sachette and had to make a decision because of the low cloud cover but chose to go for it as he was comfortable to navigate. Bravo Andreas! I haven’t had a report but I’m sure they had terrific skiing as well. On the way back Andreas skied the Little Spatule to finish off and he then skied off-piste with the Campbell clan this afternoon. (Rory and Katrina will be skiing the mornings with their parents before you know it)

I skied with Alfred and Rex again this afternoon while Chris took Alfred’s brother Tom and cousin Lottie. We went to check out the Fornet and skied the Super L, Grand Vallon, Combe du Signal and the Grand Vallon to the bottom to finish.

The Pisteurs had been working and when we passed into the Grand Vallon for the second time we noticed they’d been putting up David’s Memorial Beep Check. It’s fantastic that it’s up and we’ll see it every time we pass and think of David.

The sun is forecast for tomorrow, (yahoo!) followed by some more snow sometime over the weekend.

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