The first seriously warm day of the season! (Bummer really!)

17 February 2012

The sun returned and after 3-weeks of -15 to -20C, today was a scorcher! It was positively hot on the sunny slopes and at 1:15PM at the summit of Tommeuses the thermometer read 18C when three days ago it was -18C. That is a seriously extreme temperature swing! Anyway, it was Ken and Mark’s last day of their first trip to Val d’Isere so I wanted to show them some new terrain so we headed to the Sachette, which is always stunning. En route we skied the big Face on the left as you ride up the Aiguille Percee chair (we should give it a name), which was warm but excellent. (Unfortunately we had a Tignes ESF group who decided they wanted to ski our line, which didn’t to anything for our ambience. Incredible really!) From there we skied the Sachette in lovely snow and then ‘skinned’ for 10-minutes to access the meadows, which was also really nice. By this time we were late so I bombed it back with Ken and Mark while the others skied off to various meeting places.

Ken and his son Mark did incredibly well this week as it was their first real go at off-piste and they’d never put ‘skins’ on before. On Monday they were all over the shop, but turn by turn they improved and they’re now leaving ‘Alpine’ tracks everywhere we ski. Top performance boys and bravo!

Andreas and Henry skied the Lower Lavachet en route to the Cocaine Sud and Glattier and they finished up in the Familial. I’m not too sure if they squeezed in anything else or not, but it sounds as if they had a great morning. Thomas is on the last day of his piste week while Chris has the day off.

I had a restful afternoon with my daughters cross-country skiing, and boy am I rubbish at it! It’s also seriously hard work and those cross-country skiers who are gliding along beautifully have some great technique and are in pretty good shape as well. Chapeau!

More sun is forecast for tomorrow and today’s heat will have unfortunately damaged some snow, but a little snow is forecast for Sunday afternoon/evening, which will be much appreciated.

PS Andreas has informed me that the slope is called the Tourne. Thanks Andreas!

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